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MESOBLAST LTD filed this Form 6-K on 11/07/2018
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Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd

The Company is seeking the approval of shareholders for the purposes of ASX Listing Rule 7.4, in respect of the issue of shares that has been made by the Company in the last 12 months as set out in the following table:


Persons to whom the issue was made


Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd

Date of issue


12 October 2018

Number of shares issued



Issue price


A$1.86 per share

Terms of shares issued


Fully paid ordinary shares ranking equally with all other existing fully paid ordinary shares.The full amount of shares are to be held in voluntary escrow until 12 October 2019.

Use of the funds raised


Continued development of Mesoblast’s mesenchymal lineage cell technology platform

The issue of the above shares was within the 15% limitation imposed by ASX Listing Rule 7.1. Under Listing Rule 7.1, the Company may issue up to 15% of its ordinary share capital in any 12-month rolling period without shareholder  approval.

As noted above, shareholder approval is now being sought for the purposes of ASX Listing Rule 7.4.

ASX Listing Rule 7.4 permits a company to obtain subsequent approval of a prior issue of securities from its shareholders. Such subsequent approval means the prior issue of securities is treated as having been made with shareholder approval for the purposes of ASX Listing Rule 7.1, and thereby refreshes the Company’s ability in the future to issue up to 15% of its share capital without obtaining prior shareholder approval to the extent of the number of shares being approved under this resolution.


The Directors recommend that shareholders vote in favour of this resolution.














Mesoblast Limited – Notice of Annual General Meeting 2018    15

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