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MESOBLAST LTD filed this Form 20-F on 08/31/2018
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performance or other similar bonds; (vii) Liens on equipment, software, or other intellectual property constituting purchase money Liens and Liens in connection with capital leases securing Indebtedness permitted in clause (iii) of “Permitted Indebtedness”; (viii) Liens incurred in connection with Subordinated Indebtedness; (ix) leasehold interests in leases or subleases and licenses or sublicenses granted in the ordinary course of business and not interfering in any material respect with the business of the licensor; (x) Liens in favor of customs and revenue authorities arising as a matter of law to secure payment of custom duties that are promptly paid on or before the date they become due; (xi) statutory and common law rights of set-off and other similar rights as to deposits of cash and securities in favor of banks, other depository institutions and brokerage firms; (xiii) easements, zoning restrictions, rights-of-way and similar encumbrances on real property imposed by law or arising in the ordinary course of business so long as they do not materially impair the value or marketability of the related property; (xiv) (A) Liens on Cash securing obligations permitted under clause (vii) of the definition of Permitted Indebtedness and (B) security deposits in connection with real property leases, the combination of (A) and (B) in an aggregate amount not to exceed Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,500,000) at any time; (xv) Liens in favor of insurance providers securing the payment of such providers’ insurance policies in the ordinary course of business, (xvi) [reserved], (xvii) licenses permitted hereunder, (xviii) other Liens in an aggregate amount not to exceed $250,000, (xix) Liens securing the Designated Senior Indebtedness and Liens incurred in connection with the extension, renewal or refinancing of the Indebtedness secured by Liens of the type described in clauses (i) through (xviii) above; provided, that any extension, renewal or replacement Lien shall be limited to the property encumbered by the existing Lien and the principal amount of the Indebtedness being extended, renewed or refinanced (as may have been reduced by any payment thereon) does not increase, except to the extent of any premiums or penalties, accrued and unpaid interest thereon and reasonable fees and expenses associated with such extensions, refinancing and renewals.

Permitted Transfers” means (i) sales of Inventory in the ordinary course of business; (ii) non-exclusive inbound and outbound licenses, sublicenses and similar arrangements for the use of its Intellectual Property (including without limitation, Product IP Rights) and other licenses and sublicenses that could not result in a legal transfer of title of the licensed property but that may be exclusive ****; (iii) dispositions of worn-out, obsolete or surplus equipment at fair market value in the ordinary course of business; (iv) other transfers of assets having a fair market value of not more than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) in the aggregate in any fiscal year; (v) Permitted Investments to the extent constituting transfers of any property; (vi) transfers of Intellectual Property (including without limitation Product IP Rights) and other assets to Loan Parties so long as such assets remain subject to the lien of Agent pursuant to the terms of the Loan Documents; (vii) subject to approval by Agent in its reasonable discretion, ****; (viii) transfers of the Excluded IP Assets; and (ix) sale or transfer of equity interests of the Approved Subsidiary as part of the Approved Transaction, including by way of a distribution to shareholders as part of a demerger process.

Person” means any individual, sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, trust, unincorporated organization, association, corporation, limited liability company, institution, other entity or government.


Confidential material omitted and filed separately with the Commission.

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