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MESOBLAST LTD filed this Form 20-F on 08/31/2018
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5.13Employee Loans.  No Loan Party has outstanding loans to any employee, officer or director of such Loan Party nor has any Loan Party guaranteed the payment of any loan made to an employee, officer or director of such Loan by a third party, other than loans under the Loan Funded Share Plan.

5.14Capitalization and Subsidiaries.  Parent’s capitalization as of the Closing Date is set forth on Schedule 5.14 of the Disclosure Letter.  The Loan Parties do not own any stock, partnership interest or other securities of any Person, except for Permitted Investments.  Attached as Schedule 1 to the Disclosure Letter, as may be updated by Loan Parties in a written notice provided after the Closing Date, is a true, correct and complete list of each direct and indirect Subsidiary of Parent.


5.16Centre of Main Interests and Establishments.  For the purposes of The Council of the European Union Regulation No. 1346/2000 on Insolvency Proceedings (the “Regulation”), each of Mesoblast UK’s and Mesoblast Intl UK’s centre of main interest (as that term is used in Article 3(1) of the Regulation) is situated in England and Wales and it has no “establishment” (as that term is used in Article 2(h) of the Regulation) in any other jurisdiction.

5.17Pensions.  (a) none of Mesoblast UK and Mesoblast Intl UK is, nor has it at any time been, an employer (for the purposes of sections 38 to 51 of the UK Pensions Act 2004) of an occupational pension scheme which is not a money purchase scheme (both terms as defined in the UK Pensions Schemes Act 1993); and (b) none of Mesoblast UK and Mesoblast Intl UK is, nor has it at any time been, “connected” with or an “associate” of (as those terms are used in sections 38 and 43 of the UK Pensions Act 2004) such an employer.

5.18Non-Bank Rules. The Borrowers are in compliance with the Non-Bank Rules; provided, that, the Borrowers shall not be in breach of this representation if its number of creditors that are not Qualifying Banks in respect of either the 10 Non-Bank Rule or the 20 Non-Bank Rule is exceeded solely because a Lender having (a) made an incorrect declaration of its status as to whether or not it is a Qualifying Bank, (b) failed to comply with its obligations under Section 11.7 or Section 11.8 of this Agreement or (c) ceased to be a Qualifying Bank other than as a result of any Change in Law after the date it became a Lender under this Agreement. For the purpose of its compliance with the 20 Non-Bank Rule under this Section 5.18, the number of Lenders under this Agreement which are not Qualifying Banks shall be deemed to be ten (irrespective of whether or not there are, at any time, any such Lenders).

5.19Trustee.  The Loan Parties are not trustees of any trust or settlement other than as disclosed to Agent prior to the Closing Date.



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