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MESOBLAST LTD filed this Form 20-F on 08/31/2018
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(k)U.S. Tax Reporting.  For the avoidance of doubt, the Borrowers agree not to treat the Term Loan as a “contingent payment debt instrument” for U.S. income tax purposes and to obtain the Lenders’ consent in connection with any reporting of “original issue discount” for U.S. income tax purposes.

(l)Australian Indirect Tax

(i)All payments to be made by a Loan Party under or in connection with any Loan Document have been calculated without regard to Australian Indirect Tax.  If all or part of any such payment is the consideration for a taxable supply or chargeable with Australian Indirect Tax then, when the Loan Party makes the payment: (a) it must pay to Agent or Lenders an additional amount equal to that payment (or part) multiplied by the appropriate rate of Australian Indirect Tax and (b) Agent or Lenders will promptly provide to the Loan Party a tax invoice complying with the relevant law relating to that Australian Indirect Tax.

(ii)Where a Loan Document requires a Loan Party to reimburse or indemnify the Agent or Lenders for any costs or expenses, that Loan Party shall also at the same time pay and indemnify the Agent or Lenders against all Australian Indirect Tax incurred by the Agent or Lenders in respect of the costs or expenses save to the extent that the Agent or Lenders is entitled to repayment or credit in respect of the Australian Indirect Tax.  The Agent or Lenders will promptly provide to the Loan Party a tax invoice complying with the relevant law relating to that Australian Indirect Tax.

(m)Survival.  Each party’s obligations under this Section 2.10 shall survive the resignation or replacement of the Agent or any assignment of rights by, or the replacement of, a Lender, the termination of the Term Commitment and the repayment, satisfaction or discharge of all obligations under any Loan Document.


3.1As security for the prompt and complete payment when due (whether on the payment dates or otherwise) of all the Secured Obligations, each Loan Party grants to Agent a security interest in all of such Loan Party’s right, title, and interest in, to and under all of such Loan Party’s personal property and other assets including without limitation the following (except as set forth herein), whether now owned or hereafter acquired (collectively, the “UCC Collateral”):  (a) Receivables; (b) Equipment; (c) Fixtures; (d) General Intangibles; (e) Inventory; (f) Investment Property; (g) Deposit Accounts; (h) Cash; (i) Goods; and (j) all other tangible and intangible personal property of such Loan Party whether now or hereafter owned or existing, leased, consigned by or to, or acquired by, such Loan Party and wherever located, and any of such Loan Party’s property in the possession or under the control of Agent; and, to the extent not otherwise included, all Proceeds of each of the foregoing and all accessions to, substitutions and replacements for, and rents, profits and products of each of the foregoing.



Confidential material omitted and filed separately with the Commission.

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