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MESOBLAST LTD filed this Form 20-F on 08/31/2018
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“Withholding Agent” means the Borrowers and the Agent.

“Write-Down and Conversion Powers” means, with respect to any EEA Resolution Authority, the write-down and conversion powers of such EEA Resolution Authority from time to time under the Bail-In Legislation for the applicable EEA Member Country, which write-down and conversion powers are described in the EU Bail-In Legislation Schedule.

Unless otherwise specified, all references in this Agreement or any Annex or Schedule hereto to a “Section,” “subsection,” “Exhibit,” “Annex,” or “Schedule” shall refer to the corresponding Section, subsection, Exhibit, Annex, or Schedule in or to this Agreement or the Disclosure Letter, as applicable.  Unless otherwise specifically provided herein, any accounting term used in this Agreement or the other Loan Documents shall have the meaning customarily given such term in accordance with GAAP or IFRS, as applicable, and all financial computations hereunder shall be computed in accordance with GAAP or IFRS, as applicable, consistently applied.  Without limiting the foregoing, leases shall continue to be classified and accounted for on a basis consistent with that reflected in the audited financial statements for fiscal year ending June 30, 2017 for all purposes of this Agreement, notwithstanding any change in GAAP or IFRS, as applicable, relating thereto, unless the parties hereto shall enter into a mutually acceptable amendment addressing such changes.  Unless otherwise defined herein or in the other Loan Documents, terms that are used herein or in the other Loan Documents and defined in the UCC shall have the meanings given to them in the UCC.

Currency Exchange. For purposes of any determination under this Agreement measured in Dollars, all amounts incurred, outstanding or proposed to be incurred or outstanding in currencies other than Dollars shall be translated into Dollars at the spot rate for the purchase of Dollars for the applicable foreign currency as published in The Wall Street Journal in the “Exchange Rates” column under the heading “Currency Trading” or as made available by any other source reasonably acceptable to the Agent on the date of such determination; provided, however, that (a) for purposes of determining compliance with respect to the amount of any Indebtedness, Transfer, Investment, transaction permitted by Section 7.7 or judgment in a currency other than Dollars, no default or Event of Default shall be deemed to have occurred as a result of changes in rates of exchange occurring after the time such Indebtedness is incurred, or asset disposition, Investment or transaction permitted by Section 7.7 is made, or such judgment entered, and (b) notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, nothing in this paragraph changes, modifies or alters the obligations of any Loan Party to pay all amounts owed hereunder in the Dollar amount required hereunder notwithstanding any changes or other fluctuations with respect to any currency exchanged into Dollars.



Confidential material omitted and filed separately with the Commission.

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