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MESOBLAST LTD filed this Form 20-F on 08/31/2018
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market accounts, and (e) investments denominated in the currency of foreign jurisdictions with a maturity of not more than one year from the date of acquisition thereof which are substantially similar (including creditworthiness) to the items specified in clauses (a) – (d) above; (iii) repurchases of shares or stock from former employees, directors, or consultants of a Loan Party under the terms of applicable repurchase agreements at the original issuance price of such securities in an aggregate amount not to exceed Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000) in any fiscal year; provided that no Event of Default has occurred, is continuing or could exist immediately after giving effect to the repurchases; (iv) Investments accepted in connection with Permitted Transfers; (v) Investments (including Indebtedness) (a) received in connection with the bankruptcy or reorganization of customers or suppliers and in settlement of delinquent or doubtful obligations of, and other disputes with, customers or suppliers arising in the ordinary course of any Loan Party’s business and (b) Investments consisting of the endorsement of negotiable instruments for deposit or collection or similar transactions in the ordinary course of business; (vi) Investments consisting of notes receivable of, or prepaid royalties and other credit extensions, to customers and suppliers who are not Affiliates, in the ordinary course of business provided that this subparagraph (vi) shall not apply to Investments of a Loan Party in any Subsidiary if otherwise permitted hereunder; (vii) Investments consisting of loans not involving the net transfer on a substantially contemporaneous basis of cash proceeds to employees, officers or directors relating to the purchase of capital stock of Parent pursuant to employee share or stock purchase plans or other similar agreements approved by the Board of Directors; (viii) Investments consisting of travel advances, relocation loans, and other loan advances (or guarantees thereof) to employees, officers and directors in the ordinary course of business; (ix) (a) Investments in Loan Parties as otherwise permitted hereunder, and (b) Investments in newly-formed Subsidiaries, provided that each such Subsidiary enters into a Joinder Agreement within the time periods specified in Section 7.13 and executes such other related documents as shall be reasonably requested by Agent; (x) other Investments in Subsidiaries that are not Loan Parties in an aggregate amount not to exceed One Million Dollars ($1,000,000); (xi) joint ventures or strategic alliances in the ordinary course of a Loan Party’s business, provided that any cash Investments by Loan Parties or a Subsidiary thereof in connection therewith do not exceed One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) in the aggregate in any fiscal year; (xii) Investments consisting of Permitted Acquisitions and any Investments of any Person in existence at the time such Person becomes a Subsidiary; provided such Investment was not made in connection with or in anticipation of such Person becoming a Subsidiary and any modification, replacement, renewal or extension thereof (provided that the net investment amount is not increased); (xiii) interest rate or foreign currency exchange agreements, commodity price protection agreements or other similar agreements permitted under clause (xii) of the definition of Permitted Indebtedness; (xiv) to the extent constituting Investments, milestones, royalty payments or similar arrangements under any licenses permitted under this Agreement; and (xv) other investments not to exceed $1,000,000 in the aggregate.

“Permitted Liens” means any and all of the following: (i) Liens in favor of Agent or Lender; (ii) Liens existing on the Closing Date which are disclosed in Schedule 1C to the Disclosure Letter; (iii) Liens for Taxes, fees, assessments or other governmental charges or levies, either not delinquent or being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings; provided, that the Loan Parties maintain adequate reserves therefor in accordance with GAAP or IFRS, as applicable; (iv) Liens securing claims or demands of materialmen, artisans, mechanics, carriers, warehousemen, landlords and other like Persons arising in the ordinary course of a Loan Party’s



Confidential material omitted and filed separately with the Commission.

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